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Are you looking for the ideal honeymoon? Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life so when you are looking to book your honeymoon you should look into First Choice honeymoons.

At First Choice they understand how important a honeymoon is to newlyweds and they show this with their great selection of destinations to choose from and give great advice to help you make the right choice. First choice has a good few deals on at the minute so there has never been a better time to tie the knot.

Why not whisk your partner away to the beautiful Maldives? Beautiful white-sand beaches, lovely turquoise waters, tropical fishes to swim with and lovely boat trips to take are just a few reasons for you to visit and it sets the scene lovely for romance to flow. You can get there in July for 2 weeks all inclusive for £1229 per person.

If the Maldives is not tickling your fancy have a look at what Mexico has to offer. Sun all year around, golden beaches, the Caribbean coast and Mexico has a dazzling nightlife surronded by lovely hospitality. Mexico again sets the scene for a truly romantic time for you and your partner. You can get there in July for 2 weeks fully inclusive for £1659 per person.

You can check these out on www.firstchoice.co.uk and if these deals are not what you are looking for rest assured Firstchoice has a whole lot more destinations to choose from.

So if your tying the knot book your honeymoon with First choice honeymoons and you and your partner will be guaranteed a time that will stay forever in your hearts.

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