First Choice flights to Lanzarote offer great deals on winter breaks

First choice flights to Lanzarote

Specialising in all inclusive package holidays and cheap getaway breaks, First Choice is one of the most reputable travel agents operating in the UK today. The company offers discounted holidays to destinations in Spain, Turkey and the Canary Islands and cater for every kind of traveller.

One of the principal destinations is Lanzarote, an island of volcanic moonscapes, glorious beaches and endless sunshine. With departures from all across the UK, First Choice flights to Lanzarote are the ideal choice for those looking for some winter sun in 2011.

Flights from Bristol

From November 2011 there is to be one flight per week to Lanzarote from Bristol. The flight departs at 7.50am and arrives at 11.45am, allowing you to be on the beach by lunchtime.

Flights from Glasgow

If you are travelling from Scotland then take advantage of First Choice flights to Lanzarote from Glasgow airport. Starting from 3rd of November there will be a weekly flight departing every Thursday at 7.15am.

Flights from London Gatwick

Winter flights to Lanzarote from London Gatwick start from 1st November and will be departing four times per week. These include a Tuesday departure at 10.45am and Thursday flight at 9.40am. In addition there are two flights on Sunday, departing at 8.15 and 9.40am.

Flights from Manchester

Manchester is a great departure point for anyone living in the north of England. Winter flights to Lanzarote start on 1st November and will depart on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The flight time from Manchester is a comfortable 4 hours and 20 minutes.

For a full list of Lanzarote departures from the UK and current prices, visit www.firstchoice.co.uk.

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