First Choice cruises 2011 - The perfect holiday

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There is no nicer feeling than the start of summer! Now imagine that feeling if you had a luxury cruise holiday to look forward to! If you haven't there is still time with First Choice cruises for summer 2011. First Choice is one of the UK's leading leisure travel companies. They specialise in a range of holidays including weekend breaks, summer holidays and luxury cruise holidays.

A cruise could be just what you need to relax and forget about all your every day worries! You can choose from the sunny Mediterranean or the tropical beaches of the Caribbean. One of their most popular cruises is the "Jewels of the Mediterranean" cruise. This is an 8 day cruise that brings you on an adventure around the Mediterranean. The itinerary can be seen below:

  • Day 1 - Fly to Palma, Majorca and join your luxury cruise liner.
  • Day 2 - At sea all day
  • Day 3 - Visit Trapini in Sicily
  • Day 4- Time for shopping in Naples, Italy
  • Day 5 - Relaxing time in Ajaccio, Corsica
  • Day 6 - Visit the gorgeous French town of Toulon
  • Day 7 - Time for some last minute shopping and exploring in Barcelona, the capital of Spain
  • Day 8 - Return to Majorca and catch your flight back to the UK!

As you can see, a cruise holiday is perfect for relaxing whilst still travelling and exploring new grounds! This holiday can be yours from £495 per person. For more information about First Choice cruises in 2011, simply visit firstchoice.co.uk!

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