The Most Popular First Choice Cruises 2010

First Choice cruises 2010

First Choice represents the business name of TUI UK Limited, which is part of the larger travel company TUI Travel PLC Group. Besides over a full range of travel services, First Choice also specialises in cruises all around the UK and even to faraway places.

Needless to say, some cruises have been more popular than others. Here we will look at the top 5 First Choice cruises in 2010.

1) Aegean Adventure: This cruise tours the eastern Mediterranean and visits cities like Istanbul, Marmasis and Patmos. It represents the most popular of First Choice cruises in 2010 because of the combination of sheer beauty and rich history this cruise combines. The tour lasts for seven nights and runs all summer.

2) Latin Gems: This Caribbean cruise visits places like Bridgetown, Aruba, Curacao, and Venezuela. It covers many of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and in all of South America. This is why it was one of most purchased of First Choice cruises in 2010. Currently the length of this cruise ranges from one to two weeks and is offered from early January to April.

3) Red Sea Magic: This Red Sea cruise was a hit in 2010. The First Choice "Red Sea Magic" cruise visits the following areas: Sharm El Sheikh, Aqaba, Port Sokhna, Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh. It lasts for seven days and runs from mid-November to late April.

4) Mediteranean Medley: This cruises stops at cities like Barcelona and Palma and Genoa. It was very popular in 2010 and is looking to maintain its hold as one of the better options for cruises with First Choice. The scenery is just amazing and the cities visited all possess unique, vibrant cultures. The tour is offered from mid-May to mid-October.

5) Colourful Coast: The First Choice Colourful Coast cruise is great and there are three different versions. All of them tie at number five for the best 2010 First Choice cruises. The different ones are Tenerife, Madeira and Gran Canaria. The tours last for 7 days and visit a plethora of areas in the Canary Islands and Morocco. It is offered during the winter.

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