Finding flights to Birmingham from Dublin

You can easily get flights to Birmingham from Dublin by using Ireland's low cost airline Ryanair. The flight which takes one hour and five minutes can be purchased for as little as thirty euro.

You will depart at the beautiful newly constructed Dublin airport's terminal 2 and touch down in a little over an hour in the beautiful city of Birmingham.

Of course Ryanair claims to be the no frills airline so expect no luxury with them. If of course you would prefer to travel in a bit more comfort you could travel with Ireland's National Air Carrier, Aer Lingus. For approx an additional forty euro above Ryanair's prices you can travel from Dublin to Birmingham with a bit more style.

Remember the further away from the departure date that you book your flight the more likely that you can get your tickets cheaper. Often you may find that you can get an Aer Lingus flight cheaper than a Ryanair flight, but this is not always the case.

You can also look for english air carriers such as Virgin and British Airways which may be stopping off at Dublin on transatlantic journeys with a final destination of Birmingham. Often you wil find that you can get free seats on these flights for little or nothing as the companies will now have empty seats from people staying in Dublin.

So be sure to have a look on Ryanair, Aer Lingus and other British carriers websites when looking for flights to Birmingham from Dublin.

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