Find the Cheapest pint in London

Are you looking after your money closely but still craving a pint when you head out in London? Unfortunately, London has a reputation for being a rather expensive place to drink, but worry not, we've uncovered a few hidden spots that will be kind to your wallet and quench your thirst with cheap pints.

    Luiz Eduardo - Wikimedia

Let's begin with The Blue Posts on Newman Street. This is a Sam Smith's pub where you can enjoy a pint for only £2. The bar has few tables and an upstairs area making for a quaint and relaxing atmosphere. When you pop in for a drink you won't see too many tourists about either and you are more likely to encounter a few regulars scattered around which adds to the authentic old English pub experience. The staff are friendly and there is live music on Sunday afternoons so make sure to stop in then to enjoy a bit of music to accompany your cheap pint.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is another pub that is part of Samuel Smith's brewery. The dark wood paneling and roaring fireplace make this a very traditional old English style pub. The cellar downstairs dates back to the 13th century and most definitely should be explored with a pint in hand. You can also enjoy some delicious food while you are learning about the rich history of the building. As a policy, there isn't any music played and the seating arrangement is set up to make it easy to strike up a conversation with neighbouring customers. You can chat to locals who won't mind telling you all about how the bar used to be a regular watering hole for Charles Dickens who must have been a fan of the cheap pints!

The Crosse Keys is part of the Wetherspoons chain and is another great place for a quick cheap pint which should cost you as little as £2.60. In stark contrast to the other pubs on this list, this place was a large old banking hall that has a very well preserved interior. While sipping away on one of the fine ales on offer, take a moment to sit back and enjoy the architecture of the interior. It is an extremely large space with a round bar. Filled with city workers and tourists, this is a must visit pub if you are in the area. There is also a good selection of food available including tasty vegetarian options.

Jerusalem Tavern is an old fashioned pub is a lovely pub on Britton Street with dark oak floors and tile murals scattered on the walls. This 1990s shop conversion is a great pub if you are looking for a place to grab a cheap pint and some food. Due to its popularity and small size, the pub fills up quickly, so you'll need a bit of luck and timing to secure a seat. It offers roughly 12 beers on tap with seasonal brews and as well as a gluten free choices and the prices are generally between £2.60 and £2.80.

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