Find Perth cheap flights!

Whatever way you look at it, flying from the UK to Australia is going to be a major expense. However, because of Perth's position on the west coast, flights to here tend to be cheaper than flights to east coast destinations, like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Flight times also tend to be four or five hours less - which is always a bonus! But for the very best deals on Perth cheap flights, you should follow these tips...

  • Book your flights as far in advance as possible. Airlines usually release fares for sale 12 months before the departure date. As the tickets sell, the fares for the remaining seats gradually increase. That's why last minute flights tend to be so expensive. It's therefore a good idea to buy your tickets before anyone else does.
  • Compare as many airlines as you can to get the best deal. Websites like Sky Scanner (skyscanner.net) can really assist you with this by compiling a list of all available flights on your given day and ordering them by price. Remember that some airlines can be up to four times more expensive than others on the same date and route, so it pays to take your time and do your home work.
  • The cheapest flights from the UK to Perth usually depart from London, simply because it's a more popular route. The increased number of airlines flying the route leads to increased competition and more competitive flights. The price you pay for a train ticket to London could be a fraction of the cost you would pay for departing for Perth from your local airport.

Good luck finding and booking your Perth cheap flights!

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