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If you look out of your window in Britain at the moment, or even walk outside your house and stare upwards, you will notice something very unusual. There’s this sort of blue stuff in the sky, and that’s not all. No, there also seems to be this big orange bright thing up there too. Scientists are currently investigating this strange and unnerving phenomenon, because as all Brits know – skies are meant to be grey, gloomy and damp.


Now despite the fact that everyone is legging to the closest park, river bank, green space, outdoor swimming pool as quickly as their knowledge of a limited window of opportunity will carry them, they may be forgetting something vitally important to their future happiness. That this may be the perfect time to book a holiday.

As the gloom deepens and the winter drizzles it’s way into early autumn, everyone will be looking for a sun soaked escape from the drudgery. But if one was to leave it until everyone had the same idea, options may dwindle and prices may begin to vary. And it’s always so reassuring to not only be prepared but to have something to look forward to. Some sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Why not start a little browse of possible options right now. Companies like travel24.co.uk offer cheap holidays all year round to a huge variety of sun-kissed destinations to while the cares away. The website also very handily incorporates Trip Advisor reviews of all the hotels offered by the site, allowing you to make an informed, well researched decision on where to stay.

No longer are holiday makers having to choose hotel by the photos alone and then having to hope for the best. Now, not only can one get real holiday bargains, but make sure that bargain is to be had on a genuinely great hotel and a memorable holiday.

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