How to find me a very cheap holiday on the Internet

Find me a very cheap holiday. Well, ok, stick with us and we will.

The realities of modern life means that most of us are living on a budget. Money has never been tighter but does that mean that we should live without holidays? We think the answer should always be "NO!".

First you need to think about where would you like to go. For many of us holidays mean flying abroad. Traveling away to sun, sea and sand. If this is your idea of heaven then we need to try and find cheap flights.

For this we generally use Skyscanner.net. This handy website searches destinations and departure locations using various dates and locations and gives you the cheapest flight options using dozens of airlines. Searching Ryanair, BMI, Aerlingus, Luftansa all at the same time over various dates, times and locations gives you the cheapest flight options available at that time. This has proven to give us very cheap flights time and again and is our number one port of call when someone says, find me a very cheap holiday.

Once you get where you are going you will need somewhere to stay and unless that somewhere is nice you may as well stay at home. Who wants to spend a week or fortnight in a building site or the hotel from hell?

Our next secret is to always use the internet to search for reviews of the resort you are thinking about staying at. Look for current reviews on websites like TripAdvisor or HotelReviews. Generally these websites will have links for competitive prices for the hotels too. Our best tip is to email the hotel and ask them to price match a rival hotel in the area. Tell them that you prefer their location or pictures but cant afford their rates. We find that many hotels / accomodation will drop their price and many more will price match their rivals.

By buying seperately and shopping smart you can make huge savings to get the best value holidays possible.

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