Find me a holiday anywhere this year

Find me a holiday anywhere, you say?

You can't decide on a destination and are left shouting ''find me a holiday anywhere'' at the computer screen, don't fret as we will show you a couple of options for you to choose from. The first is the Greek island of Crete, the largest of the islands it is full of majestic beauty, all year sunshine and some brilliant nightlife, whatever holiday you want you will find it in Crete.

Falconholidays.ie have an offer for the Stefania Studios which is located 150 metres from the beach. A quiet and peaceful place that has a real feel of the old Crete and is perfect for a break with your other half, for a self catering two week stay it will cost £744 per person.

If Crete is not to your liking why not try the Algarve in Portugal which sees some of the warmest weather in the whole of Europe and also boasts some of the best and the most testing golf courses in Europe. It has over a hundred kilometres of beautiful coastline and some of the most beautiful sandy white beaches you will ever see. The whitewashed houses, colourful boats, markets and pavement cafes and fishing villages make the Algarve a gem of a place to spend your holiday.

The Apartment de Vella sleeps four people comfortably and comes with it's own private swimming pool and is conveniently situated in walking distance from the supermarket, shops and local restaurants and bars. For a stay in July it will cost a mere £545 per week from algarvevillaholidays.co.uk.

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