Find a private island for sale or to rent

It can be great to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of life and escape somewhere far away where no one can reach you. If you have the finances, one of the best ways to do that is either by buying or renting a private island. This will guarantee that you will only be in the company of those you choose to be around or perhaps nobody at all.

    Christopher Michel - Wikimedia

To Buy

One option to look into is White Island which lies 17 miles northeast of Grenada. This 10 acre island is not for the poor as its price tag is a whopping £4,000,000. If you are looking for property that you can transform into a private villa or even a spa hotel, then this is the island to buy. It comes with beautiful white sand and even a deep water channel shore making it easy to anchor the yacht nearby.

Perhaps 10 acres is more than you need. If so, check out Isla Paloma on the the north side of Panama. It includes a turn-key 2 bedroom property with self-powered energy and water that is ready to move into immediately. When you are relaxing in tropical climate on a white sandy beach with exotic birds chirping, the £256,000 it took to secure this .25 acre island will be a distant memory.

To Rent

Renting is another great option if you are only looking for a short getaway. The 6 bedroom and bath Honduras villa, Dunbar Rock, is £893 per person with a minimum of 9 people staying for at least a week. Divers are guaranteed to love this place as it has a private coral reef and dolphins nearby. It also was once used as a mooring site for the infamous pirate Blackbeard so you may even find some buried treasures while exploring.

Known for its beauty, the Caribbean has plenty of islands to rent as well. One great option is the Isla Kiniw in the Spanish water bay in Curacao. A week here will cost £3,164 and sleeps 1-8 people. If you need a break from the heat and tropical garden, stay inside the cool air conditioned mansion and relax the day away.

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