Fiji holidays from Australia: the best time to travel

Fiji is beautiful all year round. But if you want to snap up the cheapest deals on Fiji holidays from Australia or you want to enjoy the best weather, you'll need to book your Fiji flights accordingly.

Fiji's South Sea tropical climate has two main seasons: wet season and dry season. Dry season lasts from June to October, and corresponds to the tourism high season. Skies are clear and the temperature is ideal (around 26C). However, hotels are busy and prices are raised. You can also expect to pay more for your Fiji flights.

Wet season tends to be hotter (around 32C) and, as you might have guessed, wetter. Rainfall can be heavy, but usually doesn't last very long. There is, however, an increased risk of typhoons during these months (November through to April). If you're looking for bargain flights and accommodation, this is the time to travel. You'll also avoid the worst of the crowds in the touristy resorts.

Shoulder months are May, June and October. During these months there's sporadic rainfall but less visitors - which is nice if you want to visit Fiji's main tourism belt (Viti Levu, Mamanuca and Yasawa). Hotels, restaurants, and shops remain open throughout the year.

Whenever you decide to travel, our best advice is to book early to secure the lowest fares and the best deals. Prices tend to increase as availability decreases, so the earlier you book the better - particularly if you want to travel during high season, when there is a greater demand for holidays.


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