Arrival info for Fiji holidays from Australia

Fiji holidays from Australia will transport you to a Pacific paradise, popular for its exotic locations. Here we answer typical questions you might have upon arrival.

Where is the main entry point?

The main port of call for Fiji flights is via the Nadi International Airport, located on the western coastline of the main Fijian island of Viti Levu. This airport handles about 90% of visitors. The secondary international airport is Nausori, 30 minutes drive from the capital of Suva.

Do I require vaccinations?

Vaccinations are not required (the exceptions are those required for yellow fever and cholera if you are coming from an infected area). The import of animals, plants and associated products is strictly prohibited. Foodstuffs must be declared on arrival.

What is Fiji’s timezone?

Fiji islands are 12 hours ahead of GMT (London). There is no summer time change.

What currency operates?

Fiji trades in the Fiji dollar.

Departure Tax

The tax rate is $30 (Fiji dollars); children under-12 are free. It is often the case that your plane ticket will already have the tax included so it is best to confirm the situation with your travel agent or airline. If it isn’t pre-paid in your ticket, make sure you gave the necessary Fiji dollars handy when you are ready for your return journey from Fiji.

Airport facilities

Nadi has recently been upgraded and offers a variety of services, including a left luggage facility (Fiji$3.10-$4.10) for 24 hours, modern cafes, and 24-hour information services. There are hire car operators, parking and two nearby hotels.


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