Fiesta in Seville

The Spaniards know how to throw a party, and in Seville spring time means Fiesta! The home of the Flamenco hosts the third largest party in the world!

Los Carnavales de Cadiz is Spain’s ultimate party, and Sevilleños do lots of singing, drinking and dancing to bring in the festive mood into the night and early morning. People pass out on park benches after partying hard in this beach city. The story goes that the city of Cadiz tried to keep up with the legendary parties of Venice and Genoa during the 17th century. When the galleons brought back gold and silver, they too brought a variety of musical influences such as the samba, ranguera and rustic Colombian tunes. Today, Los Carnavales de Cadiz is the largest masquerade in the world.

Two weeks after the carnival, Semana Santa rolls in. The mood is somber but the streets are still filled with song and crowds of people. In Seville, heavy floats are made and carried through the streets by costaleros to the Catedral de Sevilla, the largest cathedral in the world. This is accompanied by hymns and is done in a prayerful atmosphere.

Fans of Baroque music will enjoy the Festival de Musica Antigua in March where the stage at Lope de Vega Theatre welcomes a unique concert series. Groups from the international music scene come together to perform here. Organized by the Institute of Arts and Culture of Seville with the support of different institutions, it offers a variety of concerts and activities that revolve around historic music. The festival makes use of exceptional historic buildings such as La Iglesia de la Caridad, Los Reales Alcazares and La Iglesia de la Magdalena. To close the season, the Feria de Abril lightens up the somber Holy Week mood with more singing, drinking and dancing, but not without a shot of Manzanilla for everyone. Amusement park rides are available, and flamenco shows and bull fights entertain enthusiastic audiences. People come in costume to this event, with women in gypsy inspired flamenco dresses and men in 19th century suits. Together couples ride on horseback or in horse drawn carriages. Come on over to Seville where the fun never stops in the spring time.

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