Thinking about the ferrys to France?

Thinking about getting away to France this Summer? Wondering about the ferrys to France and where to begin? Look no further on advice and an idea on prices.

Firstly, to decide on a specific company you first must think of what you would ideally like your trip to include, where you would like to depart and where in France you would like to arrive. Alot of the ferrys to France include an overnight trip - how will this affect you and your family? What standard accomodation would you prefer? And the most obvious, you need to decide when to go and for how long you would like your trip to last.

If, for example, you are departing from Ireland, the most popular route would be the Rosslare to Cherbourg one. Departing from Rosslare on the 20th August, for example, at 6pm you would arrive in to Cherbourg, roughly seventeen hours later - around 12pm on the 21st. On directferries.com for two adults and a standard car, this comes in at just €314, which works out at just under €80 per person each way - cheaper than most flights.

Or if you would like to depart from England instead, the P&O ferries reguarly depart to France, the most popular and possibly the cheapest route would be from Dover, for example at 18.40 on the same dates as above, you would arrive in to the port of Calais just a short two and a half hours later at 21.10. This comes in for the small price of £104 return trip for two adults - working out at just £24 per person each way with P&Oferries.co.uk.

So take a look online today to check out a cheap and easy trip to France by ferry this Summer.

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