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Wexford town is an old Medieval city known for Strongbow, Cromwell and Saving Private Ryan. It has cocktail bars, nightclubs and every type of restaurant imaginable. Known as the sunny southeast of Ireland with the best strawberries in Europe, it's well worth a stay. One of the best located accommodations in Wexford is the Ferrybank hotel in Wexford.

The Riverbank is located just at the start of the bridge entering Wexford town. Its enviable views often capture the sun setting on the still seas shadowing Wexford. You see the spires of the twin churches and the architectural triumph that is the Wexford Opera House. To the left of the Riverbank you can golden beach for miles and the sandy pennisula of Raven's Point made famous by Tom Hank in Saving Private Ryan. The Riverbank is one of a handful of properties located on the Ferrybank in Wexford.

The hotel offers great deals on meals served in a casual dining style or else for a more formal meal. It's busy all year round and hosts various artists and musicians from around the world in its intimate performance suite on the first floor. Be sure to catch a show here with the entire room lit with flickering candles.

The hotel offer great and unique wedding packages and the owners are keen horticulturists with an inside atrium come Orangerie - the perfect setting for a relaxing date. Known officially as the Riverbank House Hotel on Wexford's Ferrybank it has always been popular with tourists and enjoys four star reviews on popular travel review forums.

Its prices are ridiculously low for what it offers both in service and in quality. For a midweek stay at the Riverbank in this Ferrybank hotel in Wexford you'll pay oly €50 per person and that includes breakfast. The weekend price is €65 per person and also includes breakfast. It's a gem and it's a bargain. Book now!

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