Taking a ferry from UK to Spain.

Taking a ferry from UK to Spain is not only fun but also an environmentally-friendly way of visiting Spain. Here are some advantages if you travel to Spain via ferry: the cost of the ferry from England to Spain is just as much as a budget flight fare plus you will have the opportunity to bring your car with you. Travelling around Spain in your own car is a lesser drain on your budget rather than leasing a vehicle or taking other types of transportation.

There are 11 ferry companies in the UK sailing from 32 points and with 22 destinations in Spain. Here is a sample of your travel route: Take a Brittany ferry from Plymouth, coast of Devon, England, all the way to Santander, a beautiful city in the northern coast of Spain. Travel time is approximately around 18 hours. Or you can start in a PO ferry from Portsmouth, the second largest city of Hampshire on the south coast of England to Bilbao, a Spanish municipality, capital of the province of Biscay north central part Spain. It takes about 12 hours. From this home port, you can continue to your destination by car, rail or a connecting ferry.

Tips and Advice: Transportation cost depends upon the kind of accommodation you booked and the port of destination. Be prepared for sea travel can be quite rough. Decide on the date and time of  your travel and select your route through your travel agency website. Also make provisions if you decide to bring your own vehicle. Upon arrival, proceed to the customer check out. Have credit card ready with the amount you need to travel.

Making the right preparation will make your ferry trip from UK to Spain a most memorable experience.

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