booking a ferry to le havre in france

Where to book your ferry to Le Havre, France

Catching the ferry across to Le Havre in France is a popular method of hopping over to the continent. The journeys embark from Portsmouth, avoiding the congestion of travelling from the south east of England.

LD lines network (www.ldlines.co.uk) offer regular crossings to the continent, by fast catamaran (Norman Arrow), or if you’d prefer a more chilled journey, by a slower ferry (Norman Spirit).

What amenities are available on the ferry crossing to Le Havre in France?

The Norman Arrow boasts the Horizon Bar, with panoramic sea views, Bistro du Norman, a lively self-service restaurant, and the Blue Mountain Café.

The Norman Spirit is a superferry, with a 1,850 passenger capacity and room for 250 cars and 75 lorries. It also has a wide range of cuisine and shopping opportunities.

How regular are ferry crossings to Le Havre?

LD Lines provide up to two daily crossings from Portsmouth to Le Havre. The earliest sailing is at 08:30, via the faster Norman Arrow, and this takes 3 hours 15 minutes.

The, Norman Spirit departs Portsmouth at 23:00 for an overnight journey, arriving in Le Havre at 08:00 the following morning.

What deals are there for ferries to Le Havre, France?

LD Lines currently have a late summer offer available – a car plus two passengers from £48.50 each way. Travelling by their fast craft, the deal is £80 each way.

Check here for further information about Le Havre ferries.

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