Sea the sights for yourself! Catch the ferry to Jersey from Poole

Planning a holiday on the sunny island of Jersey? Need to depart from Poole? Not sure how to get there? Forget noisy planes, trains and automobiles! Let nature guide you to your destination! Travelling by ferry lets you truly relax and soak up the scenery around you, the salty aroma of the ocean, the soft sounds of the waves lapping up against the boat, the sensation of the sea breeze against your face. What more could you want?

More information on the ferry to Jersey from Poole, of course! And that is exactly what we are giving you. To start, travelling to Jersey from Poole by ferry takes around three hours.

One reputable boating company covers the Poole to Jersey route, and that is Condor Ferries. Between April and October, this company travels from Poole to Jersey at least nine times per week. You have a choice of travelling on their conventional ferry or their fast ferry, which take about four hours and three hours respectively.

What can you do onboard the ferry? There are loads of facilities to keep you busy during the crossing. There are comfortable lounges, complete with with air conditioning and a guaranteed seat for everyone. You can buy hot meals and snacks from the cafeteria, and purchase souvenirs from the duty free shop. On the upper deck you can chill out with a cocktail at the bar or check out the Club Class Lounge area. Kids are also catered for with a TV room, especially for them!

Need to take your car? No problem! Condor's fast ferries have this facility available on its boats. Make sure you arrive at least one hour before departure, as all cars must be loaded onto the ferry before any passengers can embark.

For further information on reservations, visit the Condor Ferries website or give them a call on 0845 609 1024 to book your ferry to Jersey from Poole!

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