Ferry to Isle of Wright - Little Span


Looking for a relaxing weekend away but not sure where to go. Why not get the ferry to Isle of Wright and stay at Little Span.

Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the largest island in England and is located off the south coast of Hampshire, separated from the mainland by the Solent strait. The island is renowned for its beautiful natural landscape and has been a popular tourist destination since Victorian times. The island has a milder sub climate than many other parts of the UK with average summer temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees.

Little Span

Little Span is a bed and breakfast and fully working sheep farm. They also provide self catering in their Brew House and Stable Cottage. The natural beauty of the area makes it perfect for family holidays and those looking for a quiet break. The town of Ventnor, known for its golf course and secluded bays is close by. There are also a number of pristine sandy beaches nearby. Little Span are also helping the Isle of Wight become self sufficient by supporting an Eco Windmill project to provide clean and renewable energy.


The island is situated roughly about 3 to 6 kilometres from the coast and is easily accessible by ferry. Several ferries travel to the island. This includes the ferry from Southampton to Cowes which is 16 km, the ferry from Portsmouth to Ryde which is 8 km, Portsmouth to Fishbourne which is 11 km and Lymongton to Yarmouth - 6 km. Little Span is easily accessible from all ports and in particular Ryde. The journey time including the ferry to the Isle of Wright to Little Span farm is less than half an hour.

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