Find the fastest ferry to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth Harbour

Sometimes speed is of the essence. There is a degree of choice when it comes to the type of ferry to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth harbour, but you don't always want to spend your time idly gazing at the scenery from the Solent. We looked for the fastest crossings.

Wightlink (www.wightlink.co.uk) offers the speediest passenger crossing on its superfast catamaran service from Portsmouth harbour to Ryde. With crossings nearly every half hour, taking only 22 minutes to make the journey, this is the ideal solution for travellers in a hurry. Passengers are asked to arrive 15 minutes before the sailing time. A day return ticket on this service is £7.60.

The catamaran conects with the railway stations on the island and mainland. From Portsmouth there are fast direct trains to London Waterloo. In some cases tickets can be bought straight through from London to the Isle of Wight, including the ferry crossing. Consult www.southwesttrains.co.uk for times and ticket prices.

If you are taking your own vehicle the fastest car ferry to the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth harbour is the Wightlink service to Fishbourne, which takes 40 minutes to make the crossing. The ferries are large and comfortable, with a café-bar, spacious lounges and observation decks.

Departures are every half hour. Super saver fares for a car and up to 4 passengers start at £38 for a day return. For a week's stay on the Isle of Wight the return fare for a car and passengers is £97 return. Book in advance to ensure the best fares.

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