Where to get the best deals on the ferry to Isle of White (Wight)

Thinking of making the Isle of Wight your holiday destination this Summer? If so, getting there isn't a problem as there are plenty of ferry crossings every single day. With so much competition, it's easy to snag yourelf a bargain on the ferry to isle of white (Wight), you just need to know where to look.

One company offering great deals on Ferries to the Isle of Wight right now is Red Funnel, and you can check out their website at http://www.redfunnel.co.uk. Red Funnel are one of the UK's biggest ferry operators, and they run over 13,800 vehicle ferry sailings and 23,000 Red Jet passenger sailings every year.

Red Funnel's website is a one stop shop for all aspects of your trip to the Isle of Wight. They will organise your holiday accomodation and even book some activity packages for you. They even have a helpful guide to the Isle of Wight, with places to see and activities to do.

If you are sailing to the Isle of Wight with them, you have two options for getting there. You can take their Vehicle ferry from Southampton to East Cowes on Isle of Wight, or else you can take their high speed service from Southampton to West Cowes aboard the Red Jet speed service. The choice is yours! Fares are comparable across the two ferries, so it comes down to a choice of if you want to cruise in style, or get there as quickly as possible.


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