Finding a ferry to the Isle of Man

Ferry to Isle of Man

There's only one ferry company that offers transport between the UK and the Isle of Man, specifically the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. This article will provide information on the company and on finding a good deal on your ferry crossing to the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man Steam Packet company has a long history dating back to 1830, and is in fact the oldest continually operating passenger shipping company in the world. They sail from Liverpool, Heysham, Birkenhead, Belfast and Dublin and crossing times are usually between two and a half and four and a half hours depending on which of these places you travel from.

They currently only have two boats in their fleet, but both are relatively modern, with cafes, shops, premium and reserved lounges, an executive club and cabins. Their newest ferry also has two cinema lounges. All of this should add up to make the already relatively quick crossing an enjoyable one. You can find full timetables and book direct with them at steam-packet.com.

However, while their standard prices are already quite low, if you want an even better deal you can often find discounts if you book through an external site. Prices and specific offers change all the time, but there are several websites that are worth checking before you make a booking. These are directferries.co.uk, ferrycrossings-uk.co.uk and aferry.co.uk, all of which allow you to book tickets with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and all of which are sometimes home to good deals.

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