Wanting to catch the ferry to France from Poole?

If you are looking to head off to France this Summer, it is an idea to look into the ferries instead of cheap flights this year. This way you can save time waiting around the airport, checking and weighing bags - plus the added option of taking the car with you. If you are departing from England this Summer, the most popular and perhaps the quickest and cheapest route is the ferry to France from Poole.

Take for example, if you were to leave next week, even a last minute trip doesn't have to be costly. So if you were to depart from Poole on Thursday 18th August at 7am on a high speed cruiser, arriving into Cherborg  shortly after at 10.30am, it would work out just under £270 for two adults travelling with a car. This also includes a reserved seat on board, and a return ticket to Poole at 1pm on 25th August.

Or say you would like to depart on a peak day, for a long weekend perhaps, Friday 19th to the following Monday, and decide to leave the car at home. This would in fact work out cheaper, with the price coming in at just £108 for two adults return - that works out at only £27 each way per adult.

With prices like that not only is the ferry to France from Poole convenient but a bargain. Maybe that next break could be a city break a little further from home! Check out brittany-ferries.co.uk today for a price and date that suit you.

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