Cheap Ferry to France from Ireland

Ferry Routes to France from Ireland

Ferries travelling from Ireland to France take between 18 hours - from Cork to Roscoff - up to 22 hours - from Rosslare to Cherbourg.

Despite the lengthy journey time, passengers can luxuriate and enjoy cruise style amenities during their journey from Ireland to France.

Sleeping accommodation is available on any ferry from Ireland to France, for example, allowing travellers to rest and unwind during this near day long trip.

Furthermore, all ferries to France from Ireland allow travellers to book in a vehicle for travel, which means not only can you drive to your Irish port but you can also drive onwards into France at the end of your ferry travel.

Finding the Cheapest Fares

Consumer aware ferry travellers looking to make the journey from Ireland to France can find cheap fares through a number of means.

When searching out cheap ferry tariffs, consumers should think about how flexible they can be with their travel.

Often the cheapest fares are on offer at anti-social times of day, such as very late at night, while further savings can be made when travelling on less popular days of the week.

Price Comparison Websites

Irish travellers looking to holiday in France are advised to use Internet price comparison sites to search out the lowest available tariff.

Visit websites such as Gaferries.com or Directferries.co.uk and enter their travel requirements to call up a list of fares.

Rank these fares by your most important criteria, such as price or time of travel. Some travellers may be willing to pay a slightly higher fare in order to travel start their travel during the day time, for example.

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