Catch the Ferry to France from Dover: Your Options

You have several options for travelling to France from the south-east of England. Catch the hovercraft at Dover, choose the channel tunnel and avoid the sea altogether, or use a traditionally popular method of travel: the ferry to France from Dover.

P&O Ferries offers passengers ultimate flexibility, with up to 23 crossings a day between Dover and Calais. Customers can select the route of their choice for the most convenient timing. SeaFrance also offers a variety of routes from Dover to Calais daily. The journey to France takes approximately 75 minutes, but there is plenty to do while on board.


Whether you are travelling with P&O or SeaFrance, the ferry typically has several full service restaurants, snack cafes, bars and lounges for passengers to enjoy, offering a variety of food and drinks like a full English breakfast. P&O customers can receive complimentary champagne and soft drinks in the Club Lounge (which is subject to an additional entry charge).

Busy parents will love the P&O family lounge, kids play area, activities and toys to keep the children entertained on the crossing. SeaFrance has its own "Kids Zone" area, even catering to teens with a huge selection of arcade video games. If you're looking to shop, take advantage of the duty free and discounted onboard shopping, offering savings of up to 50 percent on local high street prices.

Foot Passengers

Foot passengers traditionally get cheap deals and even more discounted pricing than customers who are travelling with their car. For example, foot passengers can travel to Calais for as little as £2 midweek on P&O Ferries. Even on Saturdays, the cost for foot passengers to travel is only £6.

Bringing Your Car

Bring the car and take an extended driving holiday in France -- on P&O Ferries, prices are only £35 each way, regardless of how long you stay in the country. SeaFrance passengers can get deals as cheap as £30 per crossing.

Special Offers

Various incentives are offered to those who catch the ferry to France from Dover -- as opposed to taking the channel tunnel -- including discounts, freebies and special offers. For example, for every ticket booked with P&O, the company offers a free ticket to Disneyland Paris.

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