Are you looking for a ferry to France?

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Are you looking for a ferry to France? Here is all the information that you need.

Sailing to France on your holidays is a great option as it saves you miles of driving, fuel costs, tolls and overnight stops as well as giving you even more precious holiday time. The two main ferry operators offering crossings between the United Kingdom and France are Brittany Ferries and P & O ferries.

Brittany ferries have a range of travel options for your crossing to France. You can choose between a cruise ferry or a high speed ferry depending on your personal preferences. Both of these sailing options sail from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth direct to Brittany and Normandy. The following are the five services that Brittany ferries operate daily:

Portsmouth to Caen

Portsmouth to St Malo

Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Poole to Cherbourg

Plymouth to Roscoff

Brittany ferries were the winners of the cross channel customer satisfaction award for July 2011. All prices are extremely competitive with day trips beginning from £23 per person. For more information or for booking check out Brittany-ferries.co.uk.

Alternatively you may choose to sail with P & O Ferries. Although the only UK to France crossing they offer is between Dover and Calais beginning from £80 for a car and driver. For more information on this service check out poferries.com.

Before you book your ferry you should always check out ferrybooker.com, which is a price comparison website for ferries and will ensure you are getting the best price for your money.

So there is everything that you need to know about getting a Ferry to France.

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