Are you looking for a ferry to Amsterdam from Dover?

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Are you looking for a ferry to Amsterdam from Dover? Here's all you need to know about travelling by ferry to Amsterdam from Dover.

If you’re looking for a ferry your port of call should be Amsterdam.ferries.org. This is a fantastic website which works with almost 20 ferry operators to ensure you get the best price for your money. You can check prices and make reservations for either single individuals or groups. They also have a thorough destination guide to answer all the questions you may have about travelling to, and staying in Amsterdam. Accommodation and car rentals can also be booked here making it a one stop shop for all your travel needs. This website also has a section dedicated to last minute deals with extremely competitive rates.

The widest range of ferries available for this journey is from directferries.co.uk. This website represents 18 ferry operators so a competitive price is guaranteed whatever your requirements.

If travelling from the UK you may also want to consider the Newcastle to Amsterdam route offered by Norfolkline. This is an extremely competitive option with prices beginning from £25 for a car and 4 people each way. It is certainly far cheaper then choosing the Dover to Amsterdam route. Check out norfolkline.com for more information.

You should also check out the various ferry price comparison websites to ensure you really are getting the best price possible. The main websites are ferrysavers.com, eurodrive.co.uk and aferry.co.uk.

So, there’s everything you need to know about ferries from Dover to Amsterdam!


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