How to Buy a Cheap Ferry Ticket to France

With many routes, companies and special offers to choose from, getting a cheap ferry ticket to France should not be too difficult. There are also price comparison sites such as ferrysavers.co.uk which allow you to compare prices of all of the different routes and companies between the UK and France amongst other countries.

Poferries.com offer some of the most competitive prices for a ferry ticket to France and they often have special promotions. For a return daytrip to France from Dover to Calais, there are some bargains available starting at £25. Not only does this include a car full of people and the return ticket, it also includes all taxes and other mandatory fees.

For £35, P&O Ferries offer one-way tickets, allowing you to stay for any length of time in France or beyond. For longer-term travelling or an extended road trip to the continent, this is most suitable, being considerably cheaper and more practical than flying.

Sea France at seafrance.com offers similar prices for their Dover to Calais route, by far the most popular ferry route and shipping line between the UK and France. Summer prices for a one-way trip with a car full of passengers start at £30 including all taxes and fees and a car full of people. Special offers for the middle of the week are also available with prices starting at £35 for a return ticket. You can get a quote online to take advantage of these many web-exclusive deals.

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