Where to Get a Ferry to South of France

Ferry in the South of France

If you are looking forward to your next holiday in southern France, you should consider travelling there by ferry. Getting a ferry to south of France is a convenient alternative to flights and it will save you money. Even though it may take a little longer in terms of travelling hours, you will avoid all the problems related to air travel, including waiting times at the airport and luggage limits. If you think this is a good option for you, here are some places where you can book a ferry trip to the south of France.

La Giraudiere (lagiraudiere.com) offers a variety of ferry routes from Britain to France. On this website, you can book your ferry trip from operators such as PO Ferries, Stena Line, Brittany Ferries, Speed Ferries, Sea France and many others. You can book a trip from Dover to Calais from £30 each way and then reach the south of France by car or train in just a few hours. On this website you can also book your accommodation in a variety of southern French villas.

You can also get to the south of France by ferry by choosing a ferry port in Spain. Two options are Bilbao and Santander, from where you can get to the south of France in no time. Ferry crossings to these ports are offered by P&O Ferries (poferries.com) and Brittany Ferries (brittany-ferries.co.uk). For discount prices of ferry to south of France trips you should check ferrysavers.co.uk, where deals are added on a regular basis.

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