Things To Consider For The Best Ferry Prices Dover to Calais

Ferry prices for Dover to Calais

Dover to Calais is a popular crossing route for those in the U.K. who want to travel over to France, Belgium, Germany and even further afield. Coach companies offer competitive prices if you want to make the crossing by coach or alternatively, you can board with your own vehicle or even as a foot passenger.

In order to get the best ferry prices for the Dover to Calais crossing, you need to make some comparisons. There are two main ferry companies that cross from the U.K. to Calais and back, it is worth comparing the prices each company are charging on the days that you want to travel.

Take into consideration the date and time that it would be easiest for you to travel, bearing in mind that the lowest fares will be available for the quietest times. If you want to travel during the peak season e.g. school holidays, summer months, you will find that you will be paying a bit more than you would if you were travelling during the off-peak season.

There are several places you could look in order to get the best ferry prices possible. Check whether booking directly with the ferry company works out better for you, whether you should use a comparison website or go through a brochure and book yourself onto crossings on a particular date.

Booking yourself onto a ferry crossing in advance is often the cheapest and easiest way to get the best price for a Dover to Calais crossing.

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