Travelling by ferry from Ireland to France makes sense!

Ferry from Ireland to France

Nowadays time for most of us is at a premium and we’ve become used to picking up a bargain flight, jetting off to our holiday destination in the morning and being on the beach before lunch. So why, you may ask, would anyone choose to travel by ferry from Ireland to France when they can take a plane? Here are a few good reasons.

Firstly, with airport chaos becoming increasingly common, there’s no guarantee you will arrive when planned, whereas ferry travel is reliable. Secondly eco-friendly travellers are choosing the ferry over the plane feeling that they are helping to save the planet.

But one of the main reasons for taking the ferry from Ireland to France is price and the convenience of having your car to explore the country. Arriving on the north coast of France, you may even be planning to visit nearby Belgium or Holland. You can do this in your own vehicle without worrying about the added expense of car hire.

Enjoy wonderful Irish hospitality by booking with Irish Ferries (irishferries.com) who offer travel from Rosslare to both Roscoff and Cherbourg. What’s more, you’ll travel in style on one of their luxury cruise ferries of which the most luxurious is the new ‘Oscar Wilde’, with bright airy cabins, stylish lounges, and a wide choice of entertainment and dining options.

Journey time is around 17 hours which flies by if you take the overnight service with cabin. Dine on board, enjoy a relaxing sleep and then a hearty breakfast before you disembark and set off on your tour. Prices for 2 with car start from €114 one way (cabin not included) and from €64 as a foot passenger. Bon voyage!

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