Get the ferry from Uk to France this Summer

If you are looking to get away before the end of the Summer, a last minute trip to France by ferry can be just what you need. It eliminates all that rushing around that usually happens with a flight, no rushing to check in at the airport or worrying your luggage is overweight - plus you have the option to take the car with you, which saves money on hire cars or taxi's.

Travelling with Brittany ferries you can get a ferry from the UK to France for less than a flight. Take for example, a trip from Poole to Cherbourg in France, departing on a last minute trip on Thursday 18th August at 7am. Travelling on a high speed cruiser, with reserved seats and bringing the car along, for two adults it works out at £268, returning on the 25th - that is less than £70 each way per adult. If that is still a little more than your budget you can always choose to leave the car at home - the price is reduced to only £140, so £35 per person each way, not bad for a very last minute getaway.

Or perhaps you are planning a few days away after the Summer maybe, this doesn't have to be costly either. From Plymouth to St Malo in France, the outbound journey is overnight and therefore a cabin with ensuite facilities is essential. Departing Plymouth at 10.30pm on the 15th November for two adults and a car, and returning on the 18th the price is just under £200. Not bad for a mid week getaway with accomodation on board. Check out www.brittany-ferries.co.uk today for these deals and more, and let your next trip be a ferry from the UK to France.

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