Taking a ferry from dover to france

Visiting FranceThere are many reasons why you might want to take a trip to France. Perhaps you just fancy doing some shopping -- here you are sure to pick up some bargains whether it be wines and spirits, cigarettes or some quality perfumes. On the other hand, you may be looking for some great things to do or places to visit. Whatever your wishes, the traditional ferry trip from Dover to France is still the best way to travel. Things to do in France.

You will never be short of things to do in France, whatever time of year you are planning to visit. Aside from the wonderful cuisine, fine wines and historic sites and museums, there are always plenty of interesting little festivals, music events as well as some major sporting events to choose from. Many of these will be within short distance from your French sea port. However, you may want to take the longer journey to the beautiful French capital, Paris, where you can visit anywhere from the Louvre to the famous Paris Disneyland.Dover to France -- Online ferry booking  When it comes to booking your ferry crossing you may find the best option is to go to one of the compare websites. A simple search here will uncover a variety of results that will allow you to find your ideal ferry crossing.

Ferrycheap.com Websites such as www.ferrycheap.com offer a range of services to help you get that ferry trip that suits all your needs. Here you can find details of full ticket prices as well as special offers and discounts which could land you the cheapest ferry trip available.All the UK's major ferry operators will be found here including DFDS, Seaways and of course SeaFrance and P & O ferries.

SeaFrance or P & O

When it comes to making that ferry from Dover to France booking, you will find -- more often than not -- that it will come down to a straight choice between SeaFrance and P & O Ferries. In reality, there is little to choose between the two and may come down to a matter of preference.Both of these companies offer quality channel crossings on luxury and well equipped ships. There is also often little (if anything) to choose between their prices. Both tend to offer each way trips for around £30, or midweek special offers for a round trip that cost as little as £35. Naturally, on all their ships you save time for dining out by doing all your duty-free shopping on board.


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