Travelling by ferry from Dover (England) to France

Although the Eurostar and flights are considerably faster, taking the ferry from Dover England to France is still the most relaxing way of travelling across the English Channel. What's more, with numerous companies battling for your custom, making the journey is extremely affordable.


The two most popular routes from Dover are Calais and Dunkirk. Just 90 minutes away, Calais is the closest French port and ideal for those looking to stock up on bargain wine and beer. It is also well suited for those travelling on to Paris and Euro Disney. Dunkirk, with a 2-hour journey time, is great for anyone with an interest in WWII history and those heading into Holland and Belgium.

Ferry Operators

There is currently a good deal of competition on a ferry from Dover England to France. If Calais is your destination then you can choose between P&O Ferries and Sea France. During peak hours, Sea France depart every 90 minutes with 12 crossings daily. P&O Ferries make the journey to Calais 23 times per day with departures every 30 minutes during peak times.

The Dover to Dunkirk service is operated by DFDS Seaways in collaboration with Norkolfline. Ferries depart every 2-hours on a daily basis so there is always a service to fit in with your schedule. Furthermore, the Dunkirk route is less busy than to Calais, thus granting more opportunities to relax onboard.


Ferry prices start from as little as £25 each way, including car and 4 passengers. For a comparison of rates on the various routes, visit www.ferrysavers.com.

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