Ferry from France to Dover

Main Ferry Routes

There are two main ferry routes for passengers travelling on a ferry from France to Dover.

Passengers can travel from the French port towns of Calais - the most popular French ferry port - or Dunkirk (also known as Dunquerque), 30 miles east along France's north coast.

While journeys from Calais to Dover take approximately an hour and a half, a ferry trip from Dunkirk to Dover lasts roughly two hours.

Why Sail Instead of Fly?Passengers commonly elect to take a ferry from France to Dover rather than fly.

Taking the ferry allows passengers to travel for a very low fare, often less than £100 for a family of four, for example (as of 01.09.2011).

Furthermore, ferry passengers can transport their own vehicle on the ferry, allowing them to drive from Dover to their final destination.

Finally, taking the ferry is ideal for travellers who are nervous flyers, enabling them to relax and enjoy the short and often peaceful journey across the English Channel.

Finding the Best Fares

As with many other types of transport and holidays, you can use price comparison websites to find the best possible fare for your journey.

Visit sites such as Ferrycheap.com, Ferryoffers.co.uk or Frenchconnections.co.uk and enter the details of your travel to find the cheapest fares on offer.

Be adaptable and flexible when performing your search; call up fares for several different times of day and days of the week to ensure that you see the largest range of prices available.

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