Ferry to France from Ireland

Rosslare to Roscoff

One of the most popular and well-travelled routes for a ferry to France from Ireland is the route between Rosslare and Roscoff ferry ports.

Several ferries depart the Irish port of Rosslare travelling to the North West France town of Roscoff, with journeys taking approximately 14 hours.

Passengers have several options for their ferry travel, including booking sleeping accommodation as well as booking their vehicle in for transportation along with themselves.

Rosslare to Cherbourg

Journeys from Rosslare to Cherbourg, a town on the North coast of France, take approximately 18 hours.

Journeys from Rosslare to Cherbourg are the most commonly travelled, with low fares available for passengers on foot or travelling with a vehicle.

Ferry passengers can also book themselves a cabin room with a bed and washing facilities, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing overnight ferry trip between Rosslare and Cherbourg.

Cork to Roscoff

The advantage of travelling from Cork to Roscoff is that it is shortest ferry journey to France from Ireland, taking approximately 13 hours from port to port.

Spaces for vehicles and sleeping accommodations are both available on the ferry trip from Cork to Roscoff.

Price Comparison Websites

Passengers travelling the ferry to France from Ireland will find the best possible fares using ferry price comparison websites.

Visit sites such as Directferries.com or Ferrycrossings-uk.co.uk to find the cheapest fare to France from Ireland.

Ferry passengers should look to book their ferry journey as far in advance as possible to ensure they are able to get a space for themselves and their car at as low a cost as possible.

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