We look at ferries: France Dover

Travelling by ferry is a much more peaceful and restful experience than by aeroplane although of course you do need to allow for the extra time it takes to get to your destination.

There are several ferry lines that run between Dover and France. Most operate between different English and French ports to one another so the line that you choose will generally be determined by your departure and arrival ports.

SeaFrance run ferries from Dover to Calais: a crossing time of just an hour and one of the most popular routes for day trippers. They are currently offering just £29 each way for crossings this summer whether you return on the same day or not.

Norfolkline sail from Dover to Dunkerque and are offering deals on trips to France. The current best summer offer is just £24 each way for one car with up to four people. They are also offering short break fares from just £32. Visit their website to find out more about ferry France Dover.

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