Why Take the Ferry From France to Dover?

Ferry from France to Dover

Now that your holiday is over, it's time to catch the ferry from France to Dover. If you took your car across the Channel, you would go back the same way. But, you used a plane to get to France. Now, you would like to get across as a foot passenger or even drive your rental car. A good option is to sail from the port of Calais.

Unlike catching a plane, the sailing times are convenient. The whole trip is a mere 30 minutes and there are departures 24 hours a day. Contrary to notions that a ferry is dangerous or uncomfortable, this sea transport is relaxing and secure with nearly silent engines. You would not even notice that the boat is moving as there are enough distractions to keep you occupied in that span of time.

Comfortably furnished with restaurants, restrooms, play areas for the kids, and viewing decks, it's a wonderful occasion for visitors and residents to get to the UK in comfort and style.

There are no luggage restrictions to set you back. And, if you are taking a car, you just have to drive in and drive out. It is an easy and enjoyable way to enter from mainland Europe without the hassles of commercial flying.

You can purchase tickets from P&O Ferries. They offer attractive ticket deals. For instance, a group of four adults in a car can sail on September 8, 2011 for as low as £39. A foot passenger will pay £29.50.

Another option is to take the ferries operated by Sea France. If you are going to cross on September 10, 2011, a family of 2 adults, 2 children up to 15 years plus car is £45. For an extra £7.8, you can also get priority boarding after customs and immigration clearance.

For more information, check out their websites for departure times and best deals for a ferry from France to Dover.

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