Top Ferry deals to France!

Getting the ferry to France is quick, convenient and cheap. Below is some news on the companies that are offering ferry deals to France.


Norfolkline provides an excellent ferry service between Dover and Dunkirk. The ferry journey takes around 2 hours. All ships include restaurants, bars and shopping. They currently have a number of short break offers. Day trips taken on Monday to Thursday start from £19. Two day returns departing from Dover between Monday and Thursday and returning from Dunkirk on Monday to Friday start from £29. Five day return trips made during the week start from £45. They have thousands of these fares available but it is recommended to book well in advance.

P & O Ferries

P & O provide ferries on the shortest crossing of the Channel from Dover to Calais. Travel time is just 90 minutes. Prices start from just €46 each way for a car and up to 9 passengers. They also have a car daytrip offer from just €33.

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries provide a number of services to France. This includes Plymouth to Roscoff and St Malo, Poole to Cherbourg and Portsmouth to Cherbourg and Caen. All ferries are modern and stylish and crossings take around two and a half hours. Day trips to France start from just £23 per person return including all taxes. You can also take your car across from as little as £29. They also have a special offer where kids sail for free on all routes to France during autumn. They have another great value short stay break of 60 hours to France from just £99 return.

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