Finding the Best Price on Ferry Crossings to France

Ferry crossings to France are a relaxing way to begin your holiday. Not only will you be able to enjoy the ride, but you can also enjoy the ocean air as you travel. Finding the best price, however, can be somewhat difficult. Fortunately, comparing prices online makes everything much easier.

Two websites that you can use to compare prices are ferry-to-france.co.uk and directferries.co.uk. Both allow you to check the price of various routes and companies. Ferry to France, however, regularly features special offers that make its website slightly more attractive.

As of August 2011, Ferry to France offers discounts on several routes, including the extremely popular Dover to Calais trip.

P&O's Dover to Calais route is currently £30 each way for a car and nine passengers, while SeaFrance starts at £25 each way. Trips on Brittany Ferries start at £20 per person, but include a wider variety of routes.

However, price alone does not mean that a particular route is best, . Some lines include amenities such as pools, cinemas, and bars, while others are a bit more austere. Time and location should also be considered.

Keep in mind that prices can change quickly, no matter which website you choose to use. Some websites, such as Ferry to France, allow you to sign up for alerts so that you know when prices drop. Finding the best deal on ferry crossings to France does not have to be difficult. Simply check often, book early, and above all, enjoy your holiday.

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