Ferry crossings to Calais, France

Getting over to France is simple, whether you fly, take the train or go by ferry. There are many ferry crossings to Calais.

Dover to Calais is only around 32 kilometres and on a good day you can see the white cliffs of Dover from Calais. P and O have up to 46 sailings a day between Dover and Calais - so finding a ferry to suit your plans is quite easy. By booking well in advance, you will reduce the fare you have to pay. The time of day you wish to travel also will affect your price.

When booking a car and passenger in two weeks time, you would pay around £35 each way. The prices for foot passengers are quite high - the same day and route for a foot passenger was £29 each way. The time spent on the boat isn’t that long: the crossing takes around 75 to 90 minutes.

Taking the ferry is a lot better than taking a train or flying. You aren’t stuck in a seat, or sitting waiting for your gate to be called. You can go for a walk, take in the sea views, go to a restaurant, let the kids play, or go for a spot of shopping. Taking ferries are often the most kid friendly way to travel. There is much to keep them entertained and they aren’t stuck in their seats getting bored. P and O ferries during busy periods will have child entertainers on board to keep the kids entertained.

Their website is full of information and is quite easy to use. Their travel information page is worth a read before travelling. If you are driving there are many laws in France that we don’t have here in the UK. So ensure you read ‘driving in Europe’ in the travel information page on their website, poferries.com

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