Getting the best deal on ferry crossings Dover Calais

Thinking of taking your family to the continent for a holiday in France, or are you just contemplating a quick hop across the Channel to pick up some cheap booze? No matter what the reason, getting the best price on ferry crossings Dover Calais is a simple case of knowing where to look. In this blog we'll be showing you how to get the best price.

Sailing from Dover to Calais presents a world of choice for travellers thanks to the near 50 sailings a day between the two ports. It is perhaps the most sailed route in the world, with a number of companies competing against each other to offer fantastic deals on sailings.

If you'll pardon the pun, your first port of call should be P and O, who you can check out online at www.poferries.com/. P and O are perhaps the biggest company sailing between Dover and Calais, and they sail a whopping 25 times per day between the two ports. Their sailings take just 90 minutes, and their luxury ferries give you a range of options, with cabins even available if you want to chill out as you sail.

Another company offering great deals on the sailing between Dover and Calais is Norfolk Line, who you can find online at www.norfolkline.com/ferry. Norfolk Line may not sail as often as P and O, but the offers available on their crossings are pretty hard to beat. If you book early enough, Norfolk Line will offer you a fare of £19 each way on their sailings. This is an unbelievable bargain, and you'll find it pretty hard to beat.


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