Looking for bargains on the ferry crossing to France?

Ferry crossing to France

Are you planning a dream holiday on the continent using your car to explore as much of the beautiful landscape as possible? Such is the choice on the Dover to Calais ferry route, that there is absolutely no need for you to pay over the odds to get you, your car, and your family to the continent. In this blog, we are going to check out how to get the best price on the ferry crossing to France.

The Dover to Calais route is perhaps the most sailed route in commercial passenger ferry terms, with a huge number of companies competing for your cash. In fact, there are seven different companies operating on the route, meaning you have your choice of 50 different ferry crossings every single day to get you there. So it is pretty clear that you should be able to find a bargain!

The first stop for these bargains should be the Ferry to France site at http://www.ferry-to-france.co.uk/. This site is the perfect place to start as it pulls in quotes for the ferry crossing from P and O, Norfolk Line, DFDS, Stena Line, Sea France, Brittany Ferries, and Condor Ferries, meaning you can compare all of the available prices in one simple quote, taking the trawl out of proceedings.

Right now, it is possible to get unbelievable bargains on the site, with the best price we found for a sailing in November from Dover to Calais priced at just £25 from P and O for a car and five passengers. It will be hard to beat that bargain!

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