The Ferry Crossing From Dover to France

Two Main Routes

There are two main routes for a ferry crossing from Dover to France.

Dover ferries travel to French ports at both Calais - the most popular ferry route between England and France - and Dunkirk, a less popular but still commonly used route.

While the ferry journey from Dover to Calais has approximate journey times of an hour and a half, crossings from Dover to Dunkirk take up to two hours.

Getting the Best Possible Fares

Consumer savvy ferry travellers can take advantage of a number of services in order to get the lowest possible fare on a ferry crossing from Dover to France.

Flexible travellers, in particular, are rewarded as they can capitalise on the cheapest available fares.

Price Comparison Websites

Visit ferry price comparison websites, such as Ferry-to-France.co.uk, Ferryonline.co.uk or Ferrysmart.co.uk and enter the details of your travel.

Decide whether or not you can travel during low popularity days of the week - such as avoiding weekends - times of day - such as very early in the morning - or during non-holiday times - such as during school terms.

Search through a range of dates and times of day, using a trial and error approach, to find the best possible fare for your ferry crossing from Dover to France.

Other Ways of Saving

Ferry passengers can make further savings on their travel if they do not book a slot for their vehicle for example.

Think about whether it might be cheaper for you to travel to Dover using public transportation before travelling onwards from Calais or Dunkirk using French public transport.

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