Where to Book a Ferry Crossing from Dover to Calis

Ferry crossing Dover to Calis

Travelling by ferry from Dover to Calais is one of the most popular ways to cross the English Channel to France. It is also a convenient way to get to France, as it is cheaper than flights. In just under two hours, you can be in France, which is perfect for a quick weekend break. There are several companies that offer you the possibility to book a ferry crossing from Dover to Calis and you can book your tickets online. Here are some websites you can check for booking tickets on this route.

Poferries.com is one of the major ferry operators in the UK and it offers multiple crossing daily from Dover to Calais, with prices starting from £25. The total time of the crossing is just 90 minutes and you need to check your vehicle in with at least 30 minutes before departure. The website offers a quick quote facility you can use for finding the best times of travel and prices.

Another company where you can book a ferry crossing from Dover to Calis is Seafrance. You can visit their website, seafrance.com, and look for the perfect travelling time. Dover to Calais crossings with Seafrance have prices starting from £23. There are some special deals currently running on this website. Thus, you can book a 48-hour return from Dover to Calais for just £35 or a 120 hour return for the total price of £45. For terms and conditions related to this special offer, visit the seafrance.com website.

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