Variety of ferry companies operating services from Spain to Morocco

Ferry Companies from Spain to Morocco There are a number of ferry companies travelling from Spain to Morocco. Travel time from Spain to Morocco by ferry can take as little as thirty minutes on a high-speed crossing as Morocco lies just nine miles across the sea from Spain. Most Ferry companies operate out of the Spanish ports of Algeciras, Almeria, Malaga and Barcelona. Algeciras is the nearest ferry port to Morocco. Journey times vary from thirty minutes to seven hours, depending on the departure port and the speed of the ferry. Acciona Trasmediterranea ferry company offers a number of routes from Spain to Morocco. These routes include Algeciras to Ceuta and Algeciras to Tangier. This ferry company also offers routes from Malaga to Melilla and Almeria to Melilla or Nador. Both the FerriMoroc and Euro Ferry companies are subsidiaries of the Acciona Transmediterranea ferry company. The FerriMoroc company operates a service from Almeria to Nador. This is a nine hour ferry crossing. Finally Euro Ferrys offers a ferry service from Algeciras to Cueta and Tangier. The Balearia Ferry Company also operates a number of routes from Spain to Morocco. Ferries depart from Algeciras to Ceuta and Tangier in Morocco. Ferries depart almost hourly and the journey takes under an hour. The upmarket Grandi Navi Veloci ferry company operates a ferry service from Barcelona to Tangier. This ferry can take up to twenty four hours to complete its journey to Morocco, but passengers can take their vehicle and avoid driving through the south of Spain. Passengers can book their ferry tickets online from the ferry company websites or buy them at the port on the day of travel.

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