Ferry to Caen, France

Journey Basics

Portsmouth to Caen, in the north east of France, is a lesser known but still popular ferry route for travel between the UK and France.

The journey takes approximately six hours, but journey times are affected by the prevailing weather conditions as well as the calmness of the English Channel.

Booking Cheap Fares

Cheap and comfortable travel on a ferry to Caen France, can be booked online in two main way: using a ferry company's website or using a ferry price comparison website.

Visit websites such as Brittanyferries.co.uk to book your ferry to Caen, France, through the official vendor, who might be able to offer you special exclusive deals for customers booking direct with the company.

Alternatively, ferry passengers looking to travel to Caen can find the cheapest available fares using price comparison websites, such as Ferrysavers.com, Ferrypricesearch.co.uk or Ferryonline.co.uk.

Enter your desired time of day and day of the week for travelling to Caen before searching through the results that are generated, which you will common display in price order.

Making Travel Cheaper

Ferry passengers to Caen France, can achieve even greater savings than those on fares available on price comparison websites through a number of ways.

If possible, passengers should travel without a separate vehicle, as this lowers the cost of ferry travel noticeably.

Furthermore, ferry passengers to Caen should think about altering the times and dates they are willing to travel in order to find the cheapest fares. Travelling early on a Wednesday morning rather than a Saturday afternoon, for example, can allow you to make excellent savings.

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