Affordable Summer Travel With Ferries UK France

Ferries UK France is a cheap way to travel from the UK to the rest of Europe. Depending on the line and the amount of people, travel can be less than £20.

Summer deals are ongoing with ferries from the UK to France. Many of the current promotions provide you with rates as low as £19 each way for a car and four people travelling. The site www.norfolkline.com/UK-France is offering a current special for families travelling to France by car via ferry. This is even better than the Euro Tunnel that is offering return tickets for £44.

Choosing the Ferry

There are many reasons for choosing the ferry over the EuroTunnel. One reason is the cost of the return ticket currently advertised. The ticket prices for the ferry and the tunnel do change based on season and year. The promotions can fluctuate the price, so it is always good to double-check which option costs less.

Even though prices can change, ferries are often less due to fuel. Travelling the tunnel means taking your vehicle and driving the entire way.  It can be more expensive for you due to fuel costs.  On the ferry you also have more facilities. There are bathrooms, food, and picturesque scenes.

Taking a camera with you provides memories of the entire trip, even of the journey. There is a potential to see marine mammals such as dolphins, birds, and much more. Ferries are also direct to France, Ireland, Spain, Holland, and Germany, so ferries from the UK to France are just one option.

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