Affordable Ferries to UK from France

Ferries to UK from France

If you are done exploring the brilliance of France, you may now be ready to explore another wonderful place, the UK. There are two popular destinations if you wish to board on ferries to UK from France: Ireland and England.

Ireland is one of the best known destinations for ferries from France. This may be because of the quick trips and availability of ferry routes between these two countries. Irish Ferries is a known ferry services provider for this destination. This company is highly suggested for either a luxury cruise or for car ferry services.

Irish Ferries offers two choices of routes for a cruise to Ireland: Roscoff/Rosslare and Cherbourg/Rosslare. Travelers may even avail themselves of Irish Ferries holidays by booking at www.irishferries.com. Through the use of this site, anyone can be able to experience the scenic wonders and comfort of boarding ferries to UK from France.

Affordable packages for as low as £9 per person including a return car ferry are also available for travelers. There are also ferry crossings available from France to England, if the land of the Angles is your next destination.

There are three known routes from England to France; the Dover –Calais Route, Folkston- Boulogne and Poole–Cherbourg route. The less popular route among the three, the Poole-Cherbourg route, takes four hours to travel and only serviced 1-2 times daily. One interesting fact is that return tickets are cheaper.

If you’re undecided as to which of these two countries in the UK to target or on which ferries to take, you may compare ferry ticket rates and get the best prices by visiting www.directferries.ie.

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